What could be better than a Ford Raptor for high-speed off-road kicks straight from the factory? Well... nothing as far as we're concerned. But there are roomier things than a Raptor, and Ford looks like it will shortly be addressing that end of the equation. The Blue Oval has received requests for a crew cab version of its new desert-eating monster, and spy shots appear to confirm that the Dearborn automaker has designs on making a proper four-door version.
That added interior space figures to balloon the wheelbase to 145 inches, but for those who need the capacity more than they need to blitzkrieg the outdoors, the move makes sense. PickupTrucks.com expects that we'll see the bigger Raptor at next year's Chicago Auto Show as a 2011 model, and doesn't expect the 5.4 liter to be an option.

[Source: PickupTrucks.com]

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