GM Chairman Ed Whitacre in GM's 60 Day Satisfaction Guaranteed ad

It looks like a group of General Motors dealers aren't fond of the company's new 60-day satisfaction guarantee. In fact, they dislike it so much that about 3.5 percent of the General dealers are opting out of the program, according to the financial site 24/7 Wall St. Although GM has stated it will foot the bill for returns, it appears there's enough concern (or confusion) that it's causing a car-fuffle.

According to the report, at least 149 of the company's 4,000 dealers will let other retailers handle the claims. Other reports put the number of non-participating dealers even higher. The 24/7 Wall St. crew phoned a few dealers to find out why they weren't participating, and the reasons cited included everything from not liking the new ads featuring Ed "I don't know anything about cars" Whitacre to beliefs that the program sends a message of desperation (duh), and fears that there will be financial risks to the dealers.

The promotion allows a buyer to return a new Chevy, Buick, GMC or Cadillac after 30 days of ownership, with GM refunding the purchase price minus any rebates and sales tax as long as the car is returned before the 60th day of ownership. It does seem like there's plenty of potential for the campaign to backfire, but we were a bit surprised that so many dealers would choose to pass on the promotion altogether.

[Source: 24/7 Wall St.]

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