Porsche is not a high volume automaker, and it probably never will be. However, Porsche management feels it can do better than its somewhat disappointing 75,200 sales it last year (ending July 2009), but the increase could be larger than most would reasonably expect. Porsche CEO Michael Macht told Reuters he believes Porsche could sell 150,000 vehicles per year, but the new chief executive doesn't expect sales to double on the backs of the German luxury sports car maker's current lineup.

There are currently five vehicles in the Porsche lineup, with the four-door Panamera being the newest and perhaps smallest volume vehicle of the the bunch -- initially. Getting to 150,000 units would mean Porsche would have to make some all-new models, and that sounds pretty good to us. One way Porsche could increase volume is to build the sub-Boxster roadster that has been rumored on several occasions over the years. The "entry level" Porsche could bump sales by a considerable amount, but still more vehicles could be on the way.

One vehicle that Porsche is working hard on still has some time before it could affect production totals, and that model won't contain a boxer engine or turbochargers. Macht says the company is working an electrically-powered Porsche, but the automaker won't release a battery-powered vehicle until it could recreate the sporty driving characteristics of Porsche's petrol-powered vehicles.

[Source: Reuters]

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