VIDEO: Beyond Gran Turismo 5 - Koenigsegg CCX

Koenigsegg CCX rendered - Click above to view the video after the jump

We're pretty excited about the new Gran Turismo 5 video game for the PlayStation 3 and PSP, and the sneak peeks we've seen so far have been astonishingly good. We know GT5 will have some sweet damage rendering capabilities, night racing and weather changes. Plus, we know the graphics are damned impressive. But clearly there's more on the table.

GT5 will be all well and good, but what we're about to show you is about as eye-popping as anything you're going to see. After the jump is a video rendering of the rare and alluring Koenigsegg CCX done by a company called Proper Graphics. It is not, as originally thought, a teaser from GT5.

The clip is only 1:47 long, the engine doesn't start and the tires don't even budge. It's just a series of hovering camera shots of the CCX on a beautiful cobblestone road, and the detail is just shy of breathtaking. The sheetmetal, carbon fiber and interior appointments are about as detailed as anything we've ever seen, and we're hoping that we can expect a taste of this sort of thing in future GT installments. Hit the jump to see it for yourself.

[Source: YouTube]

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