Every Blindspot Cycles bike is specifically tailored to the customer's needs and desires. Blindspot Cycles not only provides zero emissions vehicles, but most of their vehicles are recycled from junkyards. After completing a full gas-powered life of service, bikes are rescued from the grave and resurrect to ride again but with new, clean, American-made, proven technology. Each bike is one of a kind and made under the same philosophy: resurrected and recycled motorcycles.

Blindspot Cycles' bikes are capable of speeds up to 80+ mph and distances of up to 60+ miles. For just 25 cents per charge, which gives an average 50 mph 30 mile range, riders have plenty of versatility to commute shorter distances within their community and surrounding areas with style. Noise pollution is also no longer an issue, since their bikes are almost silent.
About Blindspot Cycles

"I wanted to build classic bikes that look great riding down the road and that are also helping to heal our planet. I am committed to keeping our bikes made from recycled and locally sourced parts as much as possible. We can say "American-made" with full pride because we aren't importing all the parts from China and reassembling them in house, like most other electric motorcycle companies are doing."
~ Chris Ravana, Owner & Designer

Based in Fort Collins, Colorado, Blindspot Cycles creates recycled, custom, electric motorcycles. They open their doors for orders in September of 2009, making affordable plug-in green transportation an exciting opportunity for Coloradoans. Visit www.BlindspotCycles.com to learn more about their motorcycles, their mission, and how to get your own

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