VIDEO: According to Lamborghini, chances are you will NOT own a Reventon Roadster

You have a better shot at the lady than the Lamborghini Reventon Roadster - Click above image to watch the video

Statistics are funny. Did you know that if you are one in a million in China, you're actually one in 1,370? We alluded to the, um, creative statistics Lambo came up with in its video when we posted about the beyond bonkers Reventon Roadster at Frankfurt. Looks like we got the stats a wee bit wrong. Example: You have a one in one hundred million chance of getting killed by a meteor, not a one in five hundred million chance. Oops. Which would almost be embarrassing considering that Lamborghini had the video on infinite loop throughout the show. However, we say "almost" because the video was playing on a giant screen behind the Lambo ladies. So, we think we get a pass -- right? Either way, full video after the jump.

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