Chrysler isn't happy with its current marketing partner BBDO, and the Auburn Hills, MI-based automaker has put the word out that it would like some fresh perspective. Among the suitors vying for the $1.1 billion account is Grey, a London-based ad agency under the ownership of holding company WPP. Grey was reportedly scheduled to pitch their new ideas to the Pentastar on September 22nd, but the agency seems to have hit a Tsunami-sized snag.

WPP is the agency of choice for Ford Motor Company, and Ad Age says the nations 11th largest advertiser isn't keen on the idea of sharing its resource with its cross-town rival. If this story is true, we're sure WPP wasn't all to happy with the Blue Oval, but when you spend $1.9 billion per year on advertising, you tend to have a bit of pull with your suppliers. And if you spend that much money, why would you want to share your ad company's creative talent with a competitor? Chrysler's ad deal with BBDO runs through January of 2010.

[Source: Ad Age]

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