Review: A different take on Challenger vs. Camaro
We've discovered a way for anyone to get their hands on a Camaro for a price that would even please your paperboy. It's not exactly a Camaro of the vehicular variety, but HSN's limited-edition Esteban Camaro guitar can still grab attention in its own right.
VIDEO: Ford shows off new Focus EV for the Jay Leno Show
Following the first images of Ford's new battery-powered Focus for the Jay Leno Show's Green Car Challenge, the Blue Oval has posted a video with some of its engineers showing off their handiwork.
Geiger GTS: Crazy Germans modify Corvette ZR1
Geiger is back, and this time it's the vaunted Corvette ZR1 that gets the tuner touch. Dubbed the "Geiger GTS," this über ZR1 doesn't offer ridiculous power gains over its stock bruder, just some careful tweaks that net an additional 63 hp.
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