Who Stole The Electric Car? - Click above to watch the trailer after the break

Think the story of the EV1 just isn't funny enough? Directors James and Robert Dastoli are working on a film that turns a bit of EV history into a road-trip comedy. The plot, as described on the Who Stole The Electric Car? website, is as follows:
In the year 1995, a self-centered average guy steals a prototype electric car in a crazy attempt to win back his Africa-bound environmentalist girlfriend. During his road trip from the Motor City to Southern California, he teams up with a vegetarian sidekick and, pursued by the police, the duo race across the country... without using a single drop of gasoline.
The trailer (watch it after the jump) features a semi-evil automaker called Industrial Motors (with a blue square logo, seen above, we can't imagine what company IM is based on). This doesn't look like the best-acting we've ever seen, but we're still interested to see how many laughs can be wrung from a tale that's been so controversial to so many.

[Source: Who Stole The Electric Car?]


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