The cross-country tour featuring the FUEL movie bus and the Algaeus (the Prius running on algae biofuel) and other green vehicles has made it to Washington, D.C. After leaving San Francisco last week, the caravan made stops in Nevada, Michigan and Pennsylvania, among other places. Third Planet Energy's Michael Wittman was on the tour and wrote this about the experience:
As we reach Washington today, we've proven what many had thought impossible. We've successfully crossed the country on gas made from algae. We've shown the world that life without fossil fuels is not some pipe dream. It's a reality we can manifest today, if we show the will.
Part of that dream is the Algaeus, which burns fuel made by Sapphire Energy. The algae gasoline which is a 91 octane fuel with high-value hydrocarbons that are chemically identical to those in gasoline, according to Sapphire.

In D.C., a screening of the FUEL movie (review) was held at the Capitol Visitors Center. James Kyson Lee from the TV show Heroes was there. This weekend, FUEL opens in movie theaters in San Francisco/Berkeley, New York and Washington, D.C. Other locations are scheduled as well.

[Source: Third Planet Energy]

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