Go to Frankfurt, get $82.5 million. That's sort of what happened to Tesla Motors, which is at the big Frankfurt Motor Show this week and received an "opportunistic" equity investment in that amount from a group led by Fjord Capital Partners. Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that his company was "not looking for money," but did not turn down the offer.

FCM's slogan is "clean energy investments for a low carbon world," and Bloomberg reports that Tesla may use the FCM money to expand its retail stores around the world. Earlier this year, Daimler invested in the electric car start-up, as well.

Also in Frankfurt, Tesla delivered the 700th Roadster to 24-year-old German law student Lennart Hennig. The young man didn't just opt for the standard Roadster, either. Henning is now the proud owner of an electric blue Roadster Sport.

[Source: Bloomberg]

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