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Luxury marques are betting big on small cars all around the world, and some are even testing the waters here in the good 'ol U.S. of A. Despite the fact that most every small car intended for premium customers in the States has failed dismally in the past, there's reason to believe that tide may be shifting, and automakers have taken notice.

Add Audi into the mix of European car companies interested in dipping a toe in the small car waters. According to a report from Bloomberg, following the undeniable success of rival BMW's Mini brand, Audi may very well engineer its next-gen A1 with U.S. distribution in mind. We've been hearing this rumor for a while now, and it's once again sourced from Audi's head of sales Peter Schwarzenbauer.

The move is seen as another possible way the four-ringed German automaker can reach its goal of outselling BMW and Mercedes-Benz in all markets all three companies compete in, including, obviously, the United States. In order to line up against Mini, Audi's A1 would likely need a price tag that's well under $20,000 – not an easy task with the car expected to sell at a significantly higher price point in Europe.

[Source: Bloomberg]

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