2010 BMW X1 - click above image for hi-res gallery

While us Americans will probably never get the three- and/or five-door 1 Series, we will be getting the new BMW X1. Here's your pudding proof. For some this is a maddening reality. For others it's like music you dislike. Still, we were a bit surprised by how much we liked the looks of the X1, especially in brown. With a grill lifted right off the 7-Series and a sinister set of angel eyes, the X1 is easily twice as handsome as big brother X3. Which might very prove to be the X1's major selling point. Just like the 3 Series and the 1 Series, the X3 and X1 are very closely related, not only in terms of powertrains, but mechanicals and chassis, too.

Engine choices are the usual BMW fare, ranging from the 258 hp double-VANOS straight-six in the xDrive28i to the 295 lb-ft of torque twin-turbo and common-rail diesel xDrive23d to less powerful diesel models like the 258 lb-ft xDrive20d/sDrive20d. There's also the sDrive18d which can get up to a BMW claimed 54.3 imperial miles per gallon. If you've somehow forgotten, the "x" in BMW-speak stands for AWD and the "s" stands for RWD. BMW claims the latter is the "most efficient rendition of spontaneous driving pleasure." If you can figure out what that means, let us know.

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