VIDEO: Ken Block, Chris Atkinson test out their rear-drive chops in a 1978 Ford Escort Mk2 rally car

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There are a lot of great racing choices out there for motorsports fans, but few offer up the excitement and showmanship of rally driving. Not many drivers seem to be having as much fun as Ken Block, as his YouTube videos and uncanny drifting prowess have fast become must see TV. For his latest video goodness, Block showed off his rallying chops at Team O'Neal's Rally School in New Hampshire along with fellow rally pro Chris Atkinson. To make the video interesting, the rally vets didn't hit the dirt in a state-of-the-art AWD Subaru. Instead, Block and Atkinson tried their luck in a vintage rear-drive 1978 Euro Ford Escort. Block actually owns the 31 year old vehicle and will be racing it in select events.

The super 'Scort may look like a Daytona USA stock car, but it has plenty of modern hardware beneath its boxy exterior. Power comes courtesy of a sweet sounding 2.4-liter, four-cylinder Millington engine that kicks out a respectable 280 horsepower paired with a WRC-style six-speed sequential gearbox.

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to view Block and Atkinson having an absolute blast in a hopped-up Escort. We never thought we'd want a 1978 Escort, but Block's unlikely baby is as sweet as they come.

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