REPORT: Electric Chevy Spark to get its fire from... Reva?

2010 Chevy Spark - Click above for high-res image gallery

Reva, the little electric car company from India whose product has withstood ridicule from the likes of automotive entertainer Jeremy Clarkson, seems to be working very hard of late to turn those jeers into cheers. Not only will it be showing off two new models with fancy telematic systems and a "wireless charging" setup in Frankfurt next week, but news now comes it may be supplying GM India with the drivetrain components necessary to electrify the Chevy Spark. According to The Economic Times, if the Detroit headquarters gives the green light, the sub-continent subsidiary will enter into a joint venture with Reva Electric Car Company in what would be the first such deal for The General since those pesky bankruptcy problems.

If the deal does go ahead, we hope GM will use the 2010 version of the Spark rather than the current incredibly mediocre-looking re-badged Daewoo Matiz version. Looks count, and it would be embarrassing if the global Goliath racked up lower sales numbers than the David with which it had partnered. However it works out for GM, the agreement would be a boon to Reva, adding revenue and perhaps even allowing it to say arrivederci to their Rodney Dangerfield reputation. Thanks to Aviv for the tip!

[Source: The Economic Times]

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