Honda V4 engine patent drawings - Click above for image gallery

Honda is pulling out all the stops with its upcoming VFR1200 motorcycle in an effort to make the machine into a proper technological tour de force. In addition to a brand new dual clutch gearbox – the first of its kind for the two-wheeled market – the World's Largest motorcycle maker is also rumored to be introducing cylinder deactivation for the touring bike's V4 powerplant in a bid to keep fuel mileage in check.

The eagle-eyed scribes over at The Kneeslider happened to locate a patent application from Honda that appears to cover the gamut from the aforementioned cylinder deactivation to unequal front and rear cylinder spacing. The latter technology may be implemented to help keep the engine running cool and reduce unwanted vibration. Patent applications are notoriously vague and confusing (probably on purpose most of the time), but it seems Honda plans to add a gap in between the front two cylinders that will funnel cooling air to the rear bank of cylinders.

According to this filing, it may be possible for Honda to run its V4 engine with two, three or all four cylinders pumping away under power. Check out a few images in our gallery below.

[Source: The Kneeslider]

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