Frankfurt Preview: Citroën Revolte leaks out ahead of debut

Citroen Revolte concept - Click above for high-res image gallery

Citroën's calling its Frankfurt Motor Show-bound 2CV-looking concept car the Revolte, which is an unfortunate made-up word in French. Everyone else has jumped on the neo-retro bandwagon – Fiat's got its 500, Detroit has successfully exhumed 1969, and the Volkswagen New Beetle is to blame for it all – so why not Citroën?

The French automaker's new imagining of its stalwart 2CV may be far cooler than the much-loved original. The bodywork on the new concept appears chunky and athletic whereas the original looked like a cross between a crustacean and a dumpster. It's not clear what will be powering this concept car, but internet chatter suggests it may get a hybrid drivetrain of some sort.

The concept sports a sliding canvas roof, clamshell doors, and an interior that looks to have been swiped from the set of Spaceballs 2. Carrying a DS badge on the hood puts the Revolte concept into Citroën's premium lineup, distinctly upmarket from the austerity of its forebear. We'll take a closer peek when the curtain is lifted in Frankfurt, and if the cool Gallic concept does make its way for production, we hope it gets a better name, something like fou fauteuil à roues.

[Source: iCars]

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