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Fiat is launching a new dual-fueled version of its Qubo van in Europe that can run on gasoline or compressed natural gas. The Qubo Natural Power is propelled by a 70 hp, 1.4-liter engine that should give the van leisurely performance. The new Qubo is intended primarily for use in urban areas where the cleaner-burning methane fuel will provide the greatest advantage. Carbon dioxide emissions are just 119 g/km, meaning the Qubo qualifies for a variety of incentives including exemption from certain taxes and congestion charges. In Italy, for example, the Qubo Active gets a rebate that brings the price from €16,400 down to just €9,950. One of the biggest benefits of natural gas are no particulate emissions and a 90 percent reduction in NOx compared to older diesels. It also costs about half of what gas or diesel does right now in Europe.

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Arriva Natural Power Fiat Qubo

Natural Power Qubo Fiat presents the new version of dual fuel (natural gas-petrol) which confirms the commitment of the mark in the field of environmental protection and sustainable mobility. In particular, the brand believes that methane propulsion systems are now the choice most appropriate technology to help al'inquinamento urban areas, besides being a very advantageous purchase choice: in fact, methane is the fuel "cleaner" today available and is by far the cheapest.

Available in two versions and equipped with a 1.4 to 70 hp engine (Euro 5), Fiat Qubo Natural Power has a list price of 16,400 euros (Active) and 17,900 euros (Dynamic). With a reduced level of CO2 emissions (119 g / km), the new version of methane has the maximum state incentives (in force until 31 December 2009 for cars that have the criteria and that will be registered by 31 / 03/10). Since the alternate sources Qubo Natural Power receives 3,500 euros which, in the case of destruction, plus other bonus of 1,500 euros, making it possible to buy a Natural Power Qubo from 11,400 euros. Among other things, thanks to a promotion to launch throughout the month of September the price falls further to 9950 euro (Active version).

Pioneer 10 years ago this technology, now Fiat is European leader in the field of cars first plant to natural gas (OEM) and is the first and only manufacturer to offer the online Natural Power "range of vehicles bi -fuel able to meet the mobility needs of a broad category of customers: from compact as the Panda and Grande Punto, up to multi-space as the Doblò and Qubo. An offer such a wide and articles that helped to make Fiat - for the second consecutive year - the brand with the most environmentally friendly range between the 10 most sold in Europe, with the average CO2 emissions lower second ranking prepared by the special Jato Dynamics, a world leader for consultancy and research in the automotive field.

Methane: the best technological solution

From the ecological standpoint, methane is the cleanest fuel available today. In fact, compared with diesel, natural gas cars do not emit particulates and nitrogen oxides emissions are lower by about 90%. Rather than feeding gasoline, natural gas engines provide a reduction in nitrogen oxides by about 50%, unburned hydrocarbons by almost 75% and CO2 by 23%, helping to reduce the greenhouse effect and changes climate and the possibility to move in the "restricted traffic zone" of our city, to park the vehicle in garages and on ferries.

In economic terms, then, the choice of methane was confirmed as a valid alternative to conventional fuels. In fact, compared to diesel or gasoline, natural gas costs about half, enabling you to travel with the same expense twice the miles. For example, just compare the cost of a trip from Milan to Rome aboard a Fiat Qubo: 51 euros if you need gasoline (1.4 8v, 73 bhp), 29 Euros for a diesel version (1.3 Multijet 75 bhp ) and only 22 euros along 600 km of the route with a Fiat Qubo Natural Power.
It is no coincidence that in 2009 the Italian government decided to favor the purchase of vehicles with this power by promoting the purchase with the maximum possible bonus (3,500 euros) in addition to the incentive for scrapping. Not to mention that, thanks to the lower cost per kilometer, the natural gas vehicles are now more than ever, the winning choice. Among other things, the evolution of prices in the first six months of 2009 has helped to expand the "gap" between the traditional fuels (petrol and diesel) and methane. And these savings beginning of the year grew significantly compared to both traditional food so that today travel to natural gas costs less than half the gasoline and over 25% cheaper than diesel. Never before has natural gas is destined to be the winning choice in a car market that is changing fast. For these reasons, the methane-powered cars are already scoring record levels of growth: in Italy, over the past 12 months, out of 100 cars registered 7 are powered by natural gas, and of these over 90% are Fiat.

Another important element is security: According to EPA (the U.S. Agency that deals with environmental protection), methane is safer than gasoline and LPG, second only to diesel. In addition, the OEM vehicles, namely cars first plant, those that are assembled in the factory already equipped all'autotelaio changes implemented by a dedicated technology, are subject to crash testing and emissions in the same way as conventional vehicles and boast the highest standard of comfort and safety. Perhaps not everyone knows that methane is not a toxic gas because its molecules do not tend to form compounds with other substances in the atmosphere and has a reduced risk of fire. Moreover, methane has a density lower than air, so in case of accidental spillage, tends to evaporate and rise upward without giving rise to dangerous concentrations. For this reason, natural gas-powered vehicles can park in any garage, even those buried, and to travel on ferries.

Finally, it should be noted that it is always easier to refuel natural gas through a capillary network and continually expanding its distributors in Italy today are 692 and 48 opening shortly. Incidentally, today on the website of institutional Fiat ( in the section devoted to natural gas, there is a very useful search engine, simply type its address, it allows to know the distributor nearest full telephone number, hours and days of opening.

All the strengths of the new bi-fuel version

The new model offers a propeller 1.4 (Euro 5) which is at low CO2 emissions (just 119 g / km), allowing customers to access the maximum possible government incentives. Moreover, in economic terms, the choice of the Fiat Qubo on methane was confirmed as a valid alternative to vehicles powered by conventional fuels (diesel and gasoline): indeed, with 11 euros you can do a full tank of gas and, for example, with only 22 euros methane can cover the distance Milan - Rome (600 miles).
Another strength of the new model is its extraordinary range: in fact, natural gas operation, can travel 300 km through the total capacity of 77 liters (13.2 kg of methane at a pressure of 200 bar) of the two cylinders. Plus, with the tank capacity 45 liters of gasoline (as unchanged from the traditional version), the autonomy of Natural Power Qubo than 940 kilometers of distance (combined cycle). Be noted that the particular position of the cylinder, integrated into the floor (one up to the central tunnel, the other in the rear area of the floor), guarantees an excellent boot capacity (250 liters) which is fully exploited due to a specific "cargo box" with numerous storage compartments.

In detail, the Qubo offers the Natural Power dual fuel natural gas and gasoline, two systems independent. Normally, in fact, runs on methane and only the goodwill carries always in gasoline, just after, and automatically the other system. The response to gasoline is required only when the gas cylinder is close to exhaustion, but it is always possible to switch from gasoline to CNG and vice versa voluntarily, by pressing a button on the dashboard.

Developed and produced by FPT - Fiat Powertrain Technologies, the driving force behind this particular version is 1.4 - combined with a five-speed manual transmission - which adopts a phased sequential Multipoint system. Peculiarities technique that allows the engine to get the methane the same benefits of gasoline engines. In fact, when running on methane, the Qubo Natural Power ensures excellent handling - thanks to the power values of 70 hp (51 kW) at 6,000 rpm and torque of 10.6 kgm (104 Nm) at 3250 rpm min, developed with methane - and good performance: top speed is 150 km / h and acceleration from 0 to 100 kph in 17.5 seconds. So, a brilliant engine with excellent performance which contributes to the adoption of a system of electronic throttle type called "drive by wire".

Not to mention the extraordinary versatility and practicality of Natural Power Qubo In fact, just for safety and ecological characteristics of methane, the car can move in all urban areas subject to traffic restrictions (due to excessive presence of pollution emissions) and to park even in multi-storey garages.

Finally, it should be noted that, compared to a "transformation" in the aftermarket, a used car producers (OEM) has many advantages. For example, the use of specific materials and components and application of a dedicated technology, allows customers to benefit from a contractual guarantee Fiat, with first service at 30,000 km. Furthermore, since the all'autotelaio changes are made directly at the factory, the car boasts the highest standards of comfort and safety as demonstrated by the cylinders integrated and protected in the reinforced structure of the vehicle. Not least, a car to dual fuel (gas - methane) of the first system offers an excellent overall autonomy to ensure the maximum safety even in areas with weak distribution network.

Standard equipment and options (Italian market)

Also available as a 5-seater, Qubo Natural Power offers two versions: the first (Active) more basic and informal, the second (Dynamic) richer and more complete. Whatever the choice, the customer can always count on an equipment of great interest. In Italy, Qubo methane nell'allestimento attack proposed series: ABS and EBD (Electronic Brake Distribution), front airbags, front side airbags, rear headrests, rear doors and sliding electric front windows. To this already rich endowment, the Dynamic adds manual air conditioning, fog lights and split rear seat and removable. Moreover, on request, the customer can personalize their Natural Power Qubo with many original alternatives, such as the Blue & Sound Pack (includes system Blue & Me TM hands-free Bluetooth, Radio CD/MP3 leather steering wheel with radio controls) and the Style pack consists of the longitudinal bars , the alloy wheels 16 "and privacy windows. Also available are mats with embroidered logo, insignia colored anodized aluminum, the sill, the iPod ® holder and the speaker of essences. And for leisure can choose the cross bars with portawindsurf, the ski rack or bike rack.

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