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Some days our inboxes contain things we just didn't expect to ever see. Take, for example, the pictures in the gallery in this post. Apparently, this display, at the William Ashley China store in Toronto, is intended to "encourages consumers to rethink, reduce and re-use." Really?

What we certainly do see is a lightweight Roadster perched on four four Wedgwood teacups made of bone china, each of which is supporting 925 pounds, according to the signs (but that gives us a total of 3,700, which is more than the Roadster's curb weight of 2,723 lbs. UPDATE: As reader Tohe points out, the signs for the front cups say the weight there is 500 lbs, which does give us a total of 2,850, much more reasonable). The Roadster will be on display at the store on Bloor Street West through September 21st.

But the quirkiness doesn't end there. Just to spice things up a notch, two of the Jonas Brothers – Kevin and Nick – showed up at the store to give us a little something for the teenybopper crowd. We aim to please.

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How "Green" is Your China ?

William Ashley Encourages Consumers to Rethink, Reduce and Re-use

An Electric Car on Four Teacups Showcases Strength and Sustainability of Bone China

Toronto, Ontario – In an exemplary show of sustainability, William Ashley China unveiled a head-turning display: the world's only 100% electric sports car – the Tesla Roadster – perched on top of just four Wedgwood teacups outside its flagship location on Bloor Street in Toronto .

Often considered delicate in nature, bone china is in fact the hardest and most durable ceramic available and stronger than any other dinnerware on the market. Wedgwood teacups are among the world's most durable and practical conveniences – timeless items that can withstand the rigours of multiple uses on a daily basis for many years, avoiding the noxious landfills where lesser kitchenware resides.

"William Ashley is proud to offer consumers products that are beautifully designed, durable and embrace an environmentally responsible lifestyle," says Jackie Chiesa, General Manager at William Ashley China. "The Tesla on top of the teacups helps showcase our commitment to the environment, and proves bone china truly is the stronger ceramic around!"

Wedgwood is made of the world's strongest ceramic material, thoroughly engineered and tested to be as sturdy as far cheaper purchases that will chip, break or discolor after heavy use. More and more customers use Wedgwood as everyday dinnerware, as the lifetime cost is only pennies a day. What better way to bring the sustainability of china to life than physically supporting a Tesla Roadster, the only green supercar on the planet: a pure electric vehicle that outpaces a Porsche 911 but produces zero emissions and is twice a efficient as a Toyota Prius!

What: A Tesla on Teacups: The world's only electric sports car atop four Wedgwood bone china teacups Who: William Ashley China, Wedgwood and Tesla Motors When: September 10 – 21st, 2009 Where: Outside William Ashley's flagship location, 55 Bloor Street West , Toronto Photo Op: Four Wedgwood bone china teacups support the world's only electric sportscar, the Tesla Roadster, outside William Ashley China on Bloor Street in Toronto . Download high res photos here.

About William Ashley:

William Ashley carries the most extensive selection of tableware and giftware in North America, with the largest wedding registry service in Canada . Since 1947, the company has provided unrivalled services and knowledgeable assistants to help customers create a perfect table setting.

William Ashley's merchandise includes the world's largest selection of china, stemware, and flatware, and a vast selection of home décor and gourmet products such as appliances, cookware, knives, bar accessories and Teuscher Chocolates of Switzerland. William Ashley's ability to purchase in large volumes means the company offers the lowest prices Canada , yet customer service is unparalleled, offering in-store shoppers a complimentary Perrier bar, free gift boxing, free delivery and free parking.

About Wedgwood Bone China:

Since 1759, Wedgwood has defined home luxury. The English company offers discerning consumers a wide choice of designs, from prestige and formal to classic and casual, in patterns, styles and colours to suit every taste. Wedgwood tableware is made to be used – both for special occasions and every single day.

All new patterns are put through an extensive series of tests to ensure that colours are hardwearing. Testing engineers routinely perform quality checks to monitor the ability of the tableware to resist the rigours of day to day use. A Wedgwood bone china plate is characterized by virtual translucency: You can almost read the Wedgwood name through the plate against the light. Fine bone china is one of the strongest forms of tableware.

About Tesla Motors:

Tesla Motors remains the only automaker worldwide manufacturing and selling highway-capable EVs. The company has delivered about 700 Roadsters to customers so far. Tesla's goal is to produce increasingly affordable cars to mainstream buyers – relentlessly driving down the cost of EV technology.

Tesla sells cars online and operates showrooms in New York , Seattle , London , West Los Angeles and California 's Silicon Valley . Tesla will soon open stores in Chicago and Munich , and it's planning stores in South Florida, Washington DC , Toronto and Monaco this year.

The Roadster beats nearly every other car for acceleration yet is twice as energy efficient as a Toyota Prius. It's faster than street-legal Porsches and Ferraris. The Roadster consumes no gasoline whatsoever, never needs routine oil changes and requires far less maintenance than internal combustion engine vehicles or complicated hybrids, resulting in dramatically lower total cost of ownership than a conventional car

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