The evolution of any Audi is a study in subtlety. The evolution of the A8, even by Audi standards, has been especially delicate, going from brazen lozenge to the softly curved – and elegant – geometric form it is today. There is nothing sculpted about it, and perhaps the most notable styling element the entire time has been the sedan's gaping grille.
Yet based on the teaser for and spy shots of the next version, it looks like the A8 is going has had the sculptors' hands laid upon it. Even under the camo, one can see the distinctly raised hood line and the Bangle-esque trunk line. Even though the car is longer, the greenhouse appears to be shorter, but that could be an effect of the camouflage and the way the C-pillar now flows into the sloping rear deck.

Also in contrast to the current model, the trunk is no longer flush with the rear panels, so the rear lights are broken up on two different planes, and might even be staggered – reminiscent of the previous BMW 7 Series design. We'll find out how it all comes together soon enough, but this redesign could be the biggest thing to hit the A8 since... the A8.

[Source: Fastest Car]

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