Last month, Jeremy Clarkson said that introducing a female host to Top Gear "would be a disaster." The relative youngster among the Top Gear crew, Richard Hammond, isn't so sure he'd call it a disaster, depending on the female in question. Hammond's opinion is that old fogies Clarkson and May are simply out of it, and "If we had to have a female co-host, I think we'd all choose Angelina Jolie," because she "has a Land Rover and guns."

It doesn't hurt that a fair bit of the population finds Jolie rather attractive, and Hammond is no different. And there is where Hammond might have just proved Clarkson's point about a female host being a catastrophe. Calling Jolie "utterly, utterly gorgeous," Hammond says with her on the crew "I'd just keep fainting." And how good could TG be with Clarkson, Captain Slow, Jolie, and a comatose Hamster?

[Source: IOL | Photo by Vince Bucci/Getty]

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