Yes, this really is the new mascot for Ford's 6.7-liter turbodiesel Scorpion V8 engine. We thought General Motors had the inside track on all Transformers-related marketing goods, but it seems Ford may have had Scorponok on the brain when it set out to design this particular bit of '80s rock band-inspired figure.

Our friends at report that the mechanized Scorpion mascot was designed using actual diagrams of the diesel engine's internal bits and pieces. Note the engine block body, connecting rod pinchers and the tail that protrudes from the turbocharger. Yeah, it's a bit odd... but as children of the '80s, we kinda dig it in an oddball nostalgic kind of way. We'll take ours silkscreened on a plain white t-shirt to be worn at the next local swap meet.


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