Shelby lowering price of $20k GT500KR hood after web outrage erupts
Shelby proudly announced that GT500KR body parts would only be sold to owners to prevent the emergence of shadetree replicas. But exclusivity has its price -- something one owner discovered after an unfortunate incident with a road-going critter.
Limited-edition CCXR Trevita to shine like a diamond. Well, millions of them, actually
With all the new of Koenigsegg's acquisition of Saab, you might have forgotten that the Swedish auto manufacturer builds supercars. Well, probably not, but it was refreshing to see Koenigsegg throw a change-up and release details of their latest special edition model, the Trevita..
Mazda MX-5 Superlight leaked ahead of Frankfurt
Conceived and created as a way to celebrate the MX-5's 20th anniversary, the Superlight's new profile and 2,194-pound curb weight highlights Mazda's focus on lightweight performance and maximum driver involvement.
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