In cars, Velcro is good for fastening your garage door clicker to the sun visor and... that's about it. But, some Velcro-inspired German engineers have come up with a version of the noisy fastener that could change all that. Meet Metaklett. Inspired by Velcro, Metaklett is made up of tiny steel hooks and loops that fasten to one another. Like Velcro, two pieces of Metaklett can be fastened to each other and then unfastened without any special tools. Oh, and one square meter of Metaklett can support loads over 77,000 pounds at temperatures up to 1,472 degrees Fahrenheit.
Unlike glue, Metaklett will never melt. And since it has such high heat tolerance, it can be used anywhere in a car, or even on roadways to hang signage or help reinforce bridges.

One automotive application might be to hang exhaust components, which routinely get up and over 500 degrees. Similarly, Metaklett could be used to mount objects around manifolds, even in turbocharged cars which get really hot. Imagine using the stuff for engine mounts, where you could literally drop an engine in just a few seconds. Plus, you could just 'Velcro' the headers to the exhaust pipes.

Or how about body panels? If a Metaklett mounted body panel gets dinged or twisted, we could see just peeling it off and replacing it with a new one. No tools needed. We should point out while Metaklett can support 77,140 pounds in the direction of the two pieces of material, it can "only" hold a perpendicular load of 15,500 pounds. So Hummer H2 drivers, keep on rolling. We kid, we kid.

[Source: New Scientist | Image: TUM Institute of Metal Forming and Casting]

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