VIDEO: Jay Leno (almost) takes a closer look at the McLaren MP4-12C

Jay Leno lifting the McLaren MP4-12Cs carbon fiber tub - Click the image to view the video after the jump

In this video, our favorite zillionaire car freak -- Jay Leno -- goes to the ultra-modern McLaren factory in Woking, England to look at the brand new MP4-12C. Only they don't show it to him. Well sure, they show him the ridiculously lightweight carbon fiber central tub. They show him three-dimensional CAD renderings. And finally they show him... the P11. But not the final MP4-12C.

Why not? Dunno, but we're guessing this was filmed before all the final revisions to the MP4-12C were made. What we do know is that Leno sits in the prototype P11 and gives us a pretty jet-lagged, lethargic guided tour of the interior. Though he does perk up near the end, when he begins talking about getting one for his already +5 envious collection. Have a watch, after the jump.

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