Fifty-two-year-old Briton Roy Locock decided to drive around the world to benefit charity. A circumnavigating spin behind the wheel is almost passe these days, but Locock's choice of wheels certainly isn't: a 1977 MG Midget. He bought the car -- named Bridget -- in 2006, and after taking it on a tour of Spain and Italy, began a restoration. Not long afterward he figured Bridget needed to get out and see some things.

He's been on the road now for well over a year, going from Oxford, England to Chennai, India, then taking a boat down to Australia for a drive entirely around that country, then hopping a boat to Argentina and driving due north, and now he's in Canada. His company all this time has been himself, five-days of emergency rations, two 20-liter gas cans, and a car with 3.5 inches of ground clearance. Oh, and fortitude. Lots of that.

Locock's driving to benefit UNICEF, and you can read all about the adventures on the blog he is still updating. Bridget does like to provide her own mechanical adventures -- she is an MG, after all -- but the fact that she has covered almost 30,000 miles so far has to count for something. Good luck on the rest of your trip, Mr. Locock.

[Source: Bridget the Midget via Google]

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