Chevrolet Equinox Fuel Cell - click above for high-res gallery

This week, General Motors' Project Driveway Fuel Cell test program will top the 1 million total mile mark after only two years on the road. GM built over 100 of the hydrogen fueled electric crossovers and they have been in daily use with both corporate partner fleets and average drivers who applied to participate in the program. Drivers in the New York, Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles Metro areas have been getting the Equinoxes for three-month loans so that GM can evaluate real world performance and durability in various conditions.

During the course of the program, GM has improved the durability of the fuel cell stack from 50,000 miles to over 80,000 miles and the per-charge range from 160 miles to over 200 miles. Lessons about cooling the stack have been applied back to the Chevy Volt program for managing the battery pack. For those interested in learning more about Project Driveway, GM will hold a web chat with program manager Mark Vann and Washington area driver Daniel Stewart today at 2pm EDT; you can participate after the jump.

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