2010 HTT Plèthore LC 750 - Click above for high-res image gallery courtesy of Stephan Bauer

Besides moose, Mounties and socialized medicine, most Americans know little else about our neighbors to the North. Especially for car people, Canada doesn't register in any significant way unless the Buick LaCrosse comes up. That might change dramatically once the HTT Plèthore LC 750 hits the streets. The brainchild of company principle Luc Chartrand, the Plèthore is a unique supercar that has been at least six years in the making. In fact we covered a previous version of the car when it was shown at the Montreal Auto Show in 2007. Back then it carried the Locus Plèthore nameplate.

Having lost the Locus and gained an LC 750, the production Plèthore features a carbon fiber chassis and body, a 750-hp 6.2-liter V8, a 6-speed manual transmission and McLaren F1-like central driving position, among other things. This Canadian supercar is set to debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show next week, but HTT held a VIP preview of it Tuesday before loading it into a 747 bound for Deutschland. Autoblog friend and ace photographer Stephan Bauer happened to be in attendance and shared some photos and notes with us.

Although the interior still needs work and the pictured vehicle was pretty rough around the edges, this car will be shown in Frankfurt next week. Stephan adds that although similar to some other supercars in its overall shape and details, some of the things that make the Plèthore stand out are its bat-like scissor doors that go well past vertical, its protruding rear diffuser, its tasteful and functional HRE rims and the fact that it is probably the widest car he's ever seen at 89 inches haunch to haunch. That's bigger than the wheelbase on some small cars. HTT told the assembled group that 10 cars have already been pre-sold at a starting price of 395,000 $CDN. For more details, visit the HTT website, and don't forget to check out our live gallery of shots by Monsieur Bauer.

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