2010 Honda Accord Crosstour spy photos - Click above for a high-res image gallery

Reader Jackson De Oliviera dropped us a line this weekend to let us know he caught the highly-controversial Honda Accord Crosstour out in the wild and had posted the shots he took on his blog, DriveToEscape.com. Jackson was kind enough to allow us to reprint those photos in our gallery below. In short, Jackson's pics probably aren't about to change any minds regarding the Crosstour's looks.

In its coverage of the ongoing Crosstour Facebook debacle, Automotive News (posting to CNET's CarTech blog) notes the open revulsion the car has been met with on Honda's dedicated Facebook page, as well as in the comment sections of blogs like the one you're reading right now. AN also repeats the hastily-assembled Honda PR narrative that the negative reaction of "enthusiasts" is to be expected, and that market research indicates that the Crosstour will fare well with the "crossover intenders" that Honda views as the image buyers for the car.

This may well turn out to be true, but it wasn't so long ago that Honda's styling once had an inherent, universal appeal – to enthusiasts and casual observers alike. That, however, has given way to a stream of increasingly polarizing designs culminating with the Accord Crosstour. Polarizing can sell; just ask BMW. But judging by the peanut gallery's comments and many of our staffers murmurings over here, we'll take Honda's old-style elegance and understatement over seemingly forced weirdness any day. Designing the Crosstour specifically for "crossover intenders" may deliver a vehicle that niche buyer will happily pay for, but it all remains to be seen.

Photos Copyright ©2009 Jackson De Oliviera/DriveTo Escape.com. Used with permission.
[Source: CNET.com | Images: Drive To Escape]

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