Lexus IS350 Tennis Ball Edition - Click above for an image gallery

Andy Roddick, your new ride awaits. Lexus has followed up its golf ball-dimpled LS 460 L built to commemorate the automaker's sponsorship of the U.S. Open earlier this year with another uniquely-finished car that's got us scratching our heads. In this case, the Lexus in question is covered in tennis ball fuzz in the traditional yellow-green hue.

This fuzzy fluorescent IS350 was on display last weekend in New York City during the ongoing US Open festivities. Sorry tennis fans, we don't imagine this will be a factory option, though we do wonder if the finish could alleviate the pesky unmanned shopping carts that leave dents and scratches in our cars at the local grocery store. See? There is a practical application after all.

The boys from Kicking Tires happened to be in town while the Open was going down and they snapped off a few shots of the car in question. Take a look at a few of the shots in our gallery below and then check out Kicking Tires for the rest.

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[Source: Kicking Tires]

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