Another Station Fire bummer: Angeles Crest Highway closed indefinitely

We already heard about the bike and car mecca Hidden Springs Cafe burning down, and now it looks like another Los Angeles auto treasure has succumbed to the flames. Years ago, when the then new Shelby GT500 came out, we pounded up about half of Angeles Crest's 66 miles before stopping to take photos. Despite that uber-Stang's propensity to get a bit squirrelly when the going got rough, the glass-smooth Angeles Crest pavement proved to be an ideal place to test out man vs. snake. While our shutter was snapping away, a tow truck pulled up and the driver got out to ogle the Shelby.
"How many accidents do you get up here a day?" we asked, knowing that before they repaved and smoothed Angeles Crest Highway it held the infamous title of most dangerous road in California. "Ten" he responded, his head examining the chemistry set lurking in front of the GT500's 5.4-liter supercharged mill. "How many of those involve motorcycles?" we asked, remembering a grade school friend losing both her bike-riding parents to Angeles Crest. "Ten" he said.

Looks like our tow trucker friend is going to have some time off. Due to the Station Fire, more than 40 miles have been closed "indefinitely" due to "burned off road stripping and destroyed guard rails and signage." As far as the pavement goes, it's "largely intact" but CalTrans has no idea how long before everything else gets patched up. Also of note to LA area drivers and riders – looks like the fire hit both Big and Little Tujunga Canyons. Its going to be a dull autumn.

[Source: Los Angeles Times | Image: Kevork Djansezian/Getty]

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