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Over the last forty years, corn growers and automakers have repeatedly tried to convince America that ethanol was the solution to our ever growing thirst for petroleum. After all, we could just keep growing our own corn, distilling it into alcohol and pouring it in our tanks and say goodbye to Middle East oil forever. Automakers have built millions of flex-fuel cars and yet somehow, ethanol remains both relatively unavailable and controversial.

So why the lack of success for our own home-brewed biofuel? Clearly, as Honda has so disastrously learned in recent days, marketing is much harder than it looks. There is a very fine line between edgy and ridiculous, abject failure. Ethanol marketing folks have so far apparently stood steadfastly on the failure side of that line. However, as they say, the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. The Illinois Corn Marketing Board has acknowledged its problem and compiled a video of some of its disasters to try and analyze what went wrong. Let's just say that we now know that Joe Cocker and white Broncos are not part of the solution. Check out the video after the jump. Thanks to Dan for the heads up on twitter!

[Source: YouTube]

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