Paul Elkins' homemade bike-towed camper - Click for hi-res gallery

Designed with an eye toward post-apocalyptic living, Paul Elkins whipped up this trailer to pull behind his bicycle at the Burning Man festival. It's 100 pounds of home away from home, built from aluminum tubing reclaimed from a satellite dish and skinned with the same type of plastic commonly used for political campaign signs. A card table and some wheelbarrow parts are also in the mix, following the idea of using what's on hand after a disaster.

While Elkins designed another version of this idea that's more suitable for road use, this rig looks pretty comfortable and well equipped. It harnesses the energy of the sun to charge batteries and dehydrate food - you'll be able to read a book at night while enjoying your own beef jerky recipe. Hot water for a shower is also provided courtesy of the sun. It's all pretty cozy, and it's way cheaper than an Airstream. Checking out Elkins' blog reveals plenty of ingenious projects that might give you something to do during the coming winter months.

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[Source: High Mileage Trikes via Neatorama]

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