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Buoyed by Cash for Clunkers for the second month in a row, hybrid sales looked pretty darn good overall. Let's look at a few numbers. The biggest winner of the month was Nissan, which posted an almost unheard of 207-percent gain last month over August of 2008. Delving a bit deeper, Nissan's 3,164 Altima Hybrid sales were three times the 1,030 such vehicles sold in July.

As you would expect, Toyota grabbed the largest percentage of market share last month (nearly 50 percent), and the Prius was the main driver. All told, the automaker moved 18,886 Prius hybrids last month – while good, that's actually down 1.5 percent from July. Honda was second in hybrid market share and thanks to the new Insight with 4,226 sales last month.

Ford didn't fare particularly well in hybrid sales in August with a 12.3 percent decline in total. General Motors, on the other hand, saw its hybrid sales increase by 14.9 percent last month. Still, GM's overall market share is tiny and none of its models broke triple digits in July. Click here for a very thorough breakdown of August's hybrid sales figures.

[Source: Green Car Advisor]

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