With the new North American market Ford Fiesta set to launch production in Mexico in just a few months, it's no surprise that someone has spotted one running around near Mexico City. In this case, the car that was seen is the sedan version that is likely to comprise the majority of U.S. sales. Automovil, which got a hold of these pics and saw an electric cord sticking out of the lower grille, is speculating that this is an electrified version of the Fiesta, going so far as to claim that it was operating silently. On this point, however, Ford has never given any indication that it is working on an electric Fiesta – its upcoming electric passenger car is based on the new Focus platform.
We checked with Ford spokespeople Alan Hall and Jennifer Moore (who specifically work on sustainability communications) and both told us that there is no work ongoing on an electric Fiesta. Since the plug appears to be a standard 110V three prong unit, this is almost certainly just a block heater. While a heater wouldn't be needed in the sunny summer locale in Mexico, this prototype has likely seen service in cold weather regions at other times.

As for the reported silence, Ford has said almost all of its cars will have automatic start-stop capability within the next few years and the Fiesta is expected to be one of the first so equipped. Thanks to Francisco for the tip!

[Source: Automovil]

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