And you thought the story couldn't get more bizarre. Well, it turns out Ryan Jenkins, the now-deceased Canadian Realtor-turned-reality-TV-contestant-turned-accused-murderer may have allegedly tossed more than Jasmine Fiore in the dumpster. According to BMW, Jenkins hadn't made a payment on his leased 3 Series since March, and his account is now seriously past due.

BMW is going after Ryan Jenkins for about $11,553 (US dollars) in outstanding payments on his '07 BMW 335xi sedan (his monthly lease payments were $844, proving he was about as successful in automobile purchasing negotiations as he was with relationships). While the vehicle in question has been returned to the automaker and since sold, the outstanding amount (plus interest) still needs to be collected. Regardless of BMW's next move, the line of creditors to this train wreck's estate is likely very long.

[Source: Yahoo News Canada, photo by Gary Lester]

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