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Back when U.S. car shoppers actually purchased the GMC Yukon in big numbers, the division's Denali designation meant that you were getting the crème de la crème of large SUVs. One summer of $4 gas later, and we were getting the impression that the name would fade away with sales of the once popular SUV.

If a sliver of news gleaned from Buick GMC Communications Group Manager Dayna Hart's Twitter feed is to believed, we're going to see another Denali, but the new one will differentiate the top-shelf Acadia crossover from its lesser brethren. The Tweet simply says "Denali version of Acadia approved and coming soon." If you head over to Hart's Twitter page, you'll have to scroll down a bit, just past news of her daughter's triathlon victory and just after some positive words about the GMC Terrain. Gotta love Twitter.

Adding the Denali name to the Acadia makes perfect sense. The Denali name has brought affluent customers into GMC showrooms in the past, and if done right, a gussied up Acadia could bring those customers back for a second tour of duty. We just wonder why it took so long for General Motors to get around to this.

[Source: Twitter]

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