Some of you might remember seeing the 2010 Nissan GT-R and its supercar friends running around the Angeles National Forest. We mention this because the big, bad Nissan and the three Ferraris, the Viper and the M6 all stopped for lunch at the Hidden Springs Cafe. You can see the restaurant's parking lot at the end of the video. And with good reason – for the last 32 years, everyone has stopped at Hidden Springs.

Located about halfway up Big Tujunga Canyon where it connects with Angeles Forest Highway – two of LA's premier canyon roads – you just stop when you round the corner and see the cafe that looks like a big red barn. If you're hungry they cook you a burger, thirsty they give you a Gatorade – or most times, you just stop, stretch your legs and change drivers. Besides, there's always a motorized object of interest (or ten) to be found parked out front.

Err, there was, as the place burned down two days ago in the Los Angeles Station Fire, one of the largest fires in the history of Los Angeles. We're hoping Hidden Springs rebuilds, because otherwise a tiny but wonderful chapter of LA automotive culture has been lost forever.

The Los Angeles Times has a harrowing account of what the Hidden Springs Cafe owners went through before they knew for certain (but highly suspected) that the restaurant was gone.

[Source: Los Angeles Times]

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