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There are many reasons why Jack Cusick likes his FCX Clarity: the looks, the hydrogen, the ease of refueling. The California Fuel Cell Partnership recently featured a story about Cusick and what it's like to drive a hydrogen fuel cell car today and, yes, he does find the refueling easy.

Cusick had been considering a natural gas vehicle, but "jumped at the chance" to drive a FCX Clarity instead. He's been cruising the streets of Irvine, California, in the gorgeous vehicle since January, refueling at UC Irvine's hydrogen station. Cusick says that refueling with hydrogen is "easier than fueling a regular car, and certainly easier than recharging a battery vehicle," and looks forward to the day when there are more H2 stations around.

Another quote he told CaFCP that we predict will raise some eyebrows here is this one: "I feel better now about using my car for errands since the FCX Clarity doesn't use expensive gasoline or pollute the environment." He had to say expensive, didn't he?

Cusick has also lent his story as a happy H2 driver to Honda (they supplied the picture above). Just look at his smile (or in this one). We don't deny that the FCX Clarity is a sweet car, and imagine that living with it day-to-day has its benefits, but we don't quite get how refueling with hydrogen is, in the bigger picture, easy.

[Source: CaFCP]

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