Review: 2010 Cadillac CTS Sportwagon eats up cargo, swallows open road
Cadillac is all too aware of America's disdain for the wagon, but that changes for 2010 as the Wreath and Crest begins production of the CTS Sportwagon. Griswald Family Truckster this is not.
Für Elise: New Lotus Club Racer model a lyrical composition of thrift with swift
Based on the 134-horsepower Elise S, the Club Racer variant makes due with the same powerplant, but does it in style with a choice of Elite Yellow, Carbon Grey, Sky Blue and Old English White hues. Unfortunately, this particular special edition won't be making it to the States.
BMW confirms MINI coupe and another car headed for production in Oxford
BMW Chairman Norbert Riethofer paid a visit to the Mini factory in Oxford England this week to inform staff members they'll have two new cars to build: the coupe concept and another, yet-to-be-named model. Roadster? Crossover? We'll find out soon enough.
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