It seems like only yesterday we brought you news that Consumer Reports recommends the Mustang over the Camaro and Challenger. In fact, it was yesterday. Now, if you read the post's fine print, you saw that the Ford racked up 78 points to the Chevy's 71 and the bloated big old Dodge managed just 53. We mention this because CR just released the results of a new survey where 80% of the respondents said they would consider purchasing an American car, whereas less than 50% said they would consider an Asian or European brand. But as it turns out, not all American cars are created equal.

Almost least surprisingly, confidence in Ford is up the most -- a big 17% over last year. Why aren't we surprised? With products like the new 2010 Mustang, Flex, Taurus (and SHO), F-150 and Transit Connect (with the Euro-Focus looming) how could consumers not stop and take a second look? And with all-stars like the Shelby GT500 and Raptor SVT, third, fourth and fifth looks are in order.

Most surprisingly, confidence in recently bankrupt and mondo-pruned back General Motors is up 6% compared to last year, possibly proving the maxim that GM is too big too fail. Least surprising is the word on Chrysler -- consumer confidence has fallen off a whopping 25%. True, like GM they went belly up. Unlike GM, the Pentastar'd maker sells the Caliber, Sebring, Journey and Nitro -- Jeep Compass, too. And of course, Mopar's fate now rests in the hands of Fiat. Not exactly a sleep-easy prescription. Fun poll for you to participate in after the jump.

[Source: Consumer Reports | Image: Justin Sullivan/Getty]

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