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When it comes to isolating the two most important stats automakers consider when determining a vehicle's success or failure, the Lexus ES350 is a smash it. The stats in question are sales volume and profit, and the ES typically tops the entry-level luxury sales chart while often exceeding its competition in terms of price. Conversely, Buick has been stuck at the opposite end of the spectrum, with little in the way of product or respect – at least until recently. The well-received Enclave proved that General Motors' one-time bastard child could make competitive product, but the 2010 LaCrosse is tasked with taking on the likes of Acura and Lexus.

Inside Line was impressed enough with a LaCrosse it reviewed earlier that the online publication pitted Buick's upstart against the long dominant ES350. IL notes that the Lacrosse outweighs the ES by nearly 500 pounds, generates 2.5 fewer miles per gallon and has a .6 second slower 0-60 mph time, yet it handily bests the aging ES in nearly every category. Hit the read link below to check out the comparison. Has Buick arrived as a legitimate contender to Lexus? It's definitely too early to tell, but it looks like the division could finally be ready to put up a good fight.

[Source: Inside Line]

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