Heel & Toe: Oregon designer dreams up Ferrari, Ducati sneakers

Ferrari and Ducati concept Fila shoes by Olivier Henrichot – Click above for high-res image gallery

Before Ferrari's vast merchandising empire teamed up with Puma to put prancing horses on anything from baseball caps to running shoes and everything in between, they were in bed with Italian sportswear company Fila. That partnership produced some attractive products, but while Puma's line packs more merchandise, if Olivier Henrichot is behind the designs, Maranello may want to consider going back to Fila.

The Portland, Oregon-based designer worked up a whole portfolio of intriguing footwear for Ferrari and two-wheel counterpart Ducati that join what appears to be a growing closet full of concept shoes – like the Lambo Reventon kicks and Gallardo pumps – that further demonstrate how the two fields of shoes and cars are growing closer than ever.

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  • 06--ferrari-fila-concept
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[Source: Coroflot via NextAutos]

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