Elon Musk talks to Vally Girl - Click above to watch the videos after the break

If you've ever wanted to see someone run the escargo pun into the ground, we've got just the videos for you. Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk recently pinked it up with Valley Girl (played by Jesse Draper), who apparently thought Legally Blonde was a how-do video. Musk appears in the first episode of Valley Girl's new season and the two-part interview has been posted. Part 1 is all about SpaceX while the Tesla Motors goodies come in Part 2. Watch the videos after the jump.

Musk doesn't break any news in the segment, but we did learn he has triplets. More importantly for green car fans, he said that he hopes Tesla will be making "millions of cars" in ten years. A reachable and/or reasonable goal?

Later in the season, Valley Girl will have a chat with big-time ethanol backer Vinod Khosla. Stay tuned.

[Source: Valley Girl]

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