32-Valve, DOHC Lego V8 - click above image to watch the video

For those about to rock, we salute you, of course. And for those of you with four months of free time, seventeen suitcases full of Lego bricks and a masters in mechanical engineering, we'll totally give you props if – and only if – you come up with something as mind bending as this.

You are looking at a "working" Lego V8 engine. And the details are stunning. Pistons pump, valves open and close, rocker arms rock, the fly wheel spins -- there's even two bundle'o'snakes headers that flow into twin collectors, though we don't like how they get reduced and choked. But hey, if we really don't like it, we can build our own – with straight pipes! Also, we love the throttle bodies (made from radar disks) – they're a wonderful touch. Full video of running engine doing its thing after the jump. And we expect a user-submitted Jaguar V-12 by Christmas, so hop to it, readers.

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[Source: Hacked Gadgets]

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