From a bird's eye view, bad old bankrupt General Motors' transition into the new, solvent "good GM" looks pretty much okay. From a marketing point of view, Chevrolet matches up well with Ford, Buick is akin to Mercury and Cadillac is the brand Lincoln would love to be. Or maybe Chevy matches up with Toyota, Buick with Lexus and Cadillac... er... point being, in some justifiable, mostly non-abstract way, those three brands make sense. But GMC? Every truck GMC sells (and all they sell is trucks) is already available as a Chevrolet. In fact, counting the Colorado and the Avalanche, Chevy sells more types of trucks than truck-only GMC. Someone then might raise the question, "Why is new GM keeping GMC around?" Ask a Buick dealer.

Automotive News is reporting that by October 2010 there will be no stand-alone Buick or GMC dealerships. They will all be consolidated into Buick-GMC "duals." This decision will affect around 3,000 dealerships that peddle/peddled Buick, GMC and/or Pontiac – they will be consolidated into 2,000 Buick-GMC dealers. Said Susan Docherty, general manager of Buick and GMC, "All our franchise agreements will be renewed then, and we'll only offer one contract: a dual Buick-GMC." When asked how many stand alone stores will be left selling just Buicks or GMCs, Docherty said, "none."

Small side note: if you want to buy a Pontiac, you'd better hurry up. The prices have been slashed, they're selling like hot cakes and Docherty is saying by tomorrow there will only be 16,000 to 17,000 left – and that's it.

[Source: Automotive News - sub. req'd | Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty]

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