Many proponents of electric vehicles espouse the benefits of using them in urban areas. The problem is that in many of those cities – like New York or Chicago – people often live in apartments or row-houses and parking is at a premium. A private garage with a plug is a true luxury. Some property developers in Manhattan are now trying to address this problem by installing charging points in the garage facilities of new apartment buildings.

One company, Glenwood Management, is installing chargers made by Coulomb Technologies in the garage of its newest building. Only four chargers are being installed, but, given the number of EVs available right now, that should be sufficient. Glenwood will monitor the usage of the first chargers before moving ahead with adding more at this building as well as the 38 23 other buildings it owns.

Coulomb's charging stations are designed to work with a subscription service that allows EV owners to subscribe and get billed according to usage. Currently, the chargers are running at 110V with standard three prong plugs. As the new standard J1772 connector becomes available in the next few months, Coulomb will retrofit the existing chargers with new cables and 220V charging capability.

[Source: New York Times]

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