A restaurant that has a few hot cars gathered round is one thing -- but a car dealership that opens a restaurant, where does that rank on the scale of ambiance? With recent trends, you could soon get a chance to decide sooner than you thought.

As our friends at The Detroit Bureau point out, California's Bistro33 at Rocklin Mercedes will be the next dining experience in a dealership. The cars don't mingle in the restaurant -- this isn't some trendy Vegas amusement. And this isn't just about having something to do while you wait for the mechanics to finish with your car. You actually go to a dealership to have your dinner. That means you can discuss APR after appetizers and sort out your warranty with a nice Napa red.

There isn't any reason a dealership can't also make a decent dinner. Galpin's Horseless Carriage has been open for 43 years for a menu full of good reasons. And if you have an Aston Martin, the fare in Galpin's Aston Martin club is worthy of both brands. It remains to be seen this trend catches on in more than a few niche markets, but until car sales rebound. this could be a way to get more foot traffic and a bit more income. And besides, there's nothing like an aged strip steak to make you hungry for a car.

[Source: The Detroit Bureau]

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