Now that Toyota has decided the fate of the NUMMI plant, the company has to decide where to move production of the Tacoma and Corolla models built there. The Corolla hasn't been spoken for yet, but Toyota is confirming that its Tacoma line is moving to the San Antonio factory that currently makes the Tundra pickup.

Toyota will spend $100 million on tooling for the Tacoma, and city and county officials guess that annual units will number about 100,000. It is also estimated that 1,100 new hires will be added to the factory employment rolls, which includes the 21 suppliers on the campus. Building the new truck will give the plant the second shift it's been missing since last summer, when it went down to a single shift as auto sales declined.

For the NUMMI workers, Toyota's announcement only makes the finality all the more real. Discussions with NUMMI laborers remains ongoing, and it has been mentioned that Toyota could move some California workers to Texas. However, with San Antonio offering tax breaks based on hiring some local workers, the chances of that are probably slim. Thanks for the tip, Tony.

[Source: My San Antonio]

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