Shelby Cobra coffee table joins the Autoblog fantasy living room

The Autoblog fantasy living room keeps on growing fuller (and tackier) by the day. And while we may pine for the occasional item from our growing list, most of the time we're thankful our significant others (or our own sense of good taste combined with our blogger's budgets) keep us from going overboard.
Our virtual furniture shop already includes such items as Porsche 917, Aston Martin DB6 and custom hot rod couches, tables made from reclaimed body panels and engine blocks, chairs made from sportscar seats and others made to emulate F1 seats, desks made by Mini and Pininfarina, Jaguar engine wine racks, Maserati lamps and Ferrari audio systems – not to mention whatever those Bentley craftsmen are making in their spare time. And now we've got one more to add to the list: the Shelby Cobra coffee table.

We certainly hope they didn't chop up an original Cobra to make it, but whether it's fabricated from kit-car parts or made especially as a piece of furniture is beyond us (our money's on the latter, though). Either way, it's got the whole package: grille, headlamps, hood, badge, plus a glass table-top mounted on metal poles like some sort of experimental aerodynamic device. (We've seen stranger.) But it'll set you back a solid $1,124.24 from StatueDecor, which we'll excuse for mischaracterizing the Cobra as a Chevy (gasp!) amidst the other automotive shelves, sofas and bars on offer.

[Source: StatueDecor]

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